Saturday, January 14, 2012


I THANK YOU THIS SHABBOS---------for Donald

I thank you this Shabbos for you have lifted your voice
and performed a small miracle.
Now, doors have slid open
that were willfully stuck shut.
Phone calls were made----letters were sent
processes started that had been ignored bogged down in ugly mud.
Your loud voice shifted our world a little bit on its axis
and that is no small feat.
You did this for love of me.
Others did other things:
sent cards asking God's blessing
a dozen blooming roses------an extra letter
an unexpected present.
And all these are good.
But your gift of anger and action
on my behalf
is most precious of all and I thank you
this golden Shabbos
in a distant part of the country
as I lay out the table performing the ritual clumsily
but with my whole heart,
blessing the fire------the wine and------the bread,
thinking of you with love —
for your voice----your words----your deep heart,
for what you put into effect
for love of me.

~ Enid Dame
from Where is the Woman?
Shivastan 2006

Enid Dame wrote this lovely small book of poems in California during July & August 2003. She died at New York Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn Christmas morning of the same year.

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