Sunday, February 26, 2012


boat photo : pablo vanez

What am I crazy speaking aloud about the Academy Awards? It's past midnight.

Out of my head:

It was great to see Iran acknowledged. Their cinema has been terrific for years.

Cirque de Soleil's aerial act, over the heads of the powerful, now powerless, was exciting.

Too bad about The Tree of Life, maybe the only film absolutely hated by some critics and viewers, and likewise loved by many of the same. There's something there. Time is the teacher.

Not a bad relaxed and humorous acceptance speech by Meryl Streep, as if she is forever playing the part of her character in Postcards From the Edge in real life, though the award belonged to Viola Davis.

Emma Stone razing was a delight.
Robert Downey's, not as much.

Large cymbals in the hands of Will Ferrell could go anywhere, almost did.

Some excited guys got bleeped out, some others guy from Louisiana seemed genuine.

One of Billy Crystal's best jokes was about how — after he viewed the film The Help in a ritzy Los Angeles theater — he was so moved he wanted to hug the first black woman he saw, “which in Beverly Hills is about a 45-minute drive.” Others found the joke dated, "old", fuddy-duddy. Ah, what are you gonna do?

About this point in this summing up I'm already bored, ready to erase.

Chris Rock is growing his hair and not losing an inch of his stealth. His joke on voice over (donkeys & zebras) was the haiku moment.

George Clooney never got on stage. Probably for the better.

Nick Nolte should have, if we're talking about a work horse.

Jessica Chastain has to be the most down to earth beauty Hollywood has seen in a long time. One actually feels her rooting for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The In Memoriam segment should have given a longer pause and voice for Ben Gazzara.

The garish gold and red curtain on the big stage did look impressive. Like Douglas Fairbanks maybe was there. The company that owns the building has gone bankrupt. The wealthy are entertaining us and being presented with gold statues, all in a new era of the 1% vs. the 99%. And the Best Picture award goes to a silent film in the year 2012. Blame it on global warming.

There were many and many more films that should have been mentioned and never will in this world; it's what keeps us plugging.

Sacha Baron Cohen showing up in full regalia as "The Dictator" and depositing fake ashes of Kim Jong-il from an urn he carried onto a Ryan Seacrest was pretty okay live television. It sullied the red carpet. Stirred a to-do. As the satirist was being escorted away by security guards he said to Seacrest, “When someone asks you what you are wearing, you will say Kim Jong-il.” I await to hear what Joan Rivers thinks.

My smart cookie companion stayed up way past her bedtime until 10 and then gave up with these words, "It doesn't seem held together".

If it was a boat, you wouldn't get on.

nite nite

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