Thursday, February 9, 2012


This is the 40th year for Woodburners We Recommend.

It's been presented in many venues, stages, full-flowered, and happenstance. It's all about supporting books and many size publications — not
burning, as a few have humorously thought.

A 'woodburner', like rock maple or very dry oak, is something you keep, covet, keep warm by, same with these varied publications. Some offerings may be many-storied volumes, others may be a slip of paper, poem on birch bark, a label, a bumper-sticker. A chalkboard! All reading.

I started the
Woodburners We Recommend reviews within mimeograph publications, then photocopy journals and folds, into desk-top, now to the electronic age of words, and film.

The Woodburners have gone by different headlines, sometimes no headline. It's all about books and readings that come my way, often through the care and generosity of a gifting hand.

Thanks to those.

film © susan & bob arnold
A Once In Vermont Film


Anonymous said...

hodgepodge papery splendor for a hodgeypodgey winter. and fire. and a poet's hands . . . i salute each one, with love, Donna

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Susan behind the camera on this one, Donna, as I shuffle the cards. Only sorry some of the titles and addresses were blurred via the transfer from the high resolution original into youtube, that apple basket.

'hodgeypodgey winter' — I do like the sound of that, and I plan to go outdoors after supper and spread more wood ash on the ice paths. As I do, I will say, "hello there hodgeypodgey winter". But one must be cautious, bear winter might be listening.

stay warm, Bob

snowbird said...

I fear winter has heard you both...snow forecast for Saturday... I hope the fire in your heart will heal the burn I see on your right hand... all healing in the words we love.

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

I suspected winter was listening, seasons do.

And it isn't lost on me that a bird with snow tells us!

Just fall gently

all's well, Bob