Monday, March 19, 2012


The FSG Book of Twentieth Century Italian Poetry, An Anthology
Geoffrey Brock, editor
Farrar Straus, 2012 First edition, first printing



It's nice to play beggars at Christmas
for the rich then are kind;
it's nice the manger at Christmas
where the lamb lies down
among lions.

trans. Cid Corman


Fine and bright as new white boards in decorative dustjacket with crisp bright text throughout. A mammoth breath of fresh air and book, well over 600 pages of an illuminating collection. Bilingual, Italian and English with some of our finest English language poets involved including Ezra Pound, William Arrowsmith, Samuel Beckett, Cid Corman, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Robert Fitzgerald, Allen Ginsberg, Seamus Heaney, Geoffrey Hill, Thomas Lux, Marianne Moore, W. D. Snodgrass, Felix Stefanile, Paul Vangelisti, Rosanna Warren, Charles Wright and many others. The Italian poets include the legendary and the brave from F. T. Marinetti to Ungaretti, Montale, Pavese, Pasolini, Scotellaro, Porta. Already a hallmark with complimentary card from the author tipped in.
Poetry / Anthology

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