Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Alan Chong Lau's painting for the Year of the Rabbit
sent to Bob & Susan
via mail art

Alan & Kazuko still live at the same address
where we went to visit and stay with John Levy
Seattle 1979 ~
When John moved out, A & K moved in
No fuss, no muss

We went back some years later and arrived at dawn
too early to knock at any apartment door
so we walked the pleasant neighborhood
and called all the house cats from their porch stoops,
many came!

Then we went to knock at Alan and Kazuko's door
but Alan had already left for his job
at a grocer's, so we bid Kazuko good morning
and headed down into the city, and there
was Alan, poet/artist, working in the vegetable bins

We had a grocer's visit with Alan ~
Some years later published this booklet
of poems and drawings from Alan's grocer ways ~
we have all his paintings that were gifted to us
now in frames

Alan's Longhouse booklet
available from:


vazambam (Vassilis Zambaras) said...

Nice to see mutual friends—John, Alan, Kazuko, Susan and you— gathered here together with Alan’s art. Speaking of moving in/out with no fuss, no muss, that’s exactly what happened in 1972 when I moved out of the Morgan Street house—Madrona Magazine’s co-headquarters— to return to Greece and John moved in, years before Seattle was overrun by hi-tech geeks, coffee addicts, traffic jams and skyrocketing real estate prices. Incidentally, our little house is now —you guessed it—a condominium overlooking Lake Washington on the lake’s western side, Bill Gates’ mega mansion on its eastern side.

Those were the days, my friends.

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

I should have known the sweet instigator of old Seattle times, and I do!

Your name Vassilis stream-running through all these lines.

As to Bill Gates and present Seattle shores, all things will pass.