Sunday, May 27, 2012


Jesse Winchester

It was Jesse Winchester's birthday a week or so ago, age 68, still writing and singing songs strong. Same birth date as Sweetheart's favorite childhood dog "Cary", so she remembers the date. Her mom loved Cary Grant.

Here's a two-minute masterpiece, as fresh as the day it was first sung

Dangerous Fun by Jesse Winchester on Grooveshark

Year Album

1970 Jesse Winchester

1972 Third Down, 110 to Go

1974 Learn to Love It

1976 Let the Rough Side Drag

1977 Nothing But a Breeze

Live at the Bijou Cafe

1978 A Touch on the Rainy Side

1981 Talk Memphis

1988 Humour Me

1989 The Best of Jesse Winchester

1999 Gentleman of Leisure

2001 Live From Mountain Stage

2005 Live

Love Filling Station


Luster said...

Thanks. I had recently recommended to Dale Smith that Jesse Winchester could be a key figure, along with the Band, in sketching out the life of a Southern boy newly moved to Toronto. In see now, I had forgotten that Levon and Robbie both played on Winchester's 1970 debut. We got heat, we got bugs, we don't have rain these days.


Issa's Untidy Hut said...


As you say still going strong - from the first 5 albums you listed, there is hardly a single tune that isn't a masterpiece. Fantastic songsmith.


Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Hi guys,

Great to have word from two lovers of the folk era when albums were made in barns or on street corners.

The only southerner in The Band, as you well know Mike, was Levon Helm, and he taught all the other guys (along with Ronnie Hawkins) how to glow with southern charm. Jesse Winchester has it spades. Dale is no slouch, for certain.

I've played this song over and over every year since it first appeared. Either I'm in love or it's made me in love.

Gorgeous day here Mike, all day, after an earlier forecast of rain. We took the gift and ran.

all's well, Bob