Saturday, June 16, 2012


We've climbed Sugarloaf Mountain over a half dozen times this spring and summer is ahead! Even with a bum leg for a few weeks, Sweetheart insisted on joining me. We took every trail there is on the easeful mountain, including the steep trail straight up the nose, up and back. Watch your footing on the loose stone when returning. The traffic below barely is ever lost to you but we don't care, neither is two youthful baseball teams and their cheerleaders off to one side of the mountain base. We're in a town where Drums Along the Mohawk roamed. There's a wide plank door in the town where an Indian hatchet once was embedded. I put my hand to the blade mark left in the door once upon a time. Despite a road all the way to the top of the summit this mountain absorbs sounds and disturbance quite well, and the road has a gentle carriage to it. Many like to use this route to climb to the top. We go up the steepest trail, then sometimes use a back woodlot trail that meets the roadway halfway down. This way all routes are made as one. Often we find a marauding raven back there telling us he sees us and do we see him! The photographs are from the top of the mountain looking down and focusing in.


Question Mark

Pioneer farm


Funeral Home

After Rain

Spring field

Softwoods Crest


Barn Shine

Connecticut River

A sweet for your hike

photos © bob arnold


Conrad DiDiodato said...

Funeral home--
arrows point to and from
the woods

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

As they should and as they will, Conrad.
Good eye!


Ed Baker said...

Sugarloaf Mountain is about a 20 mins drive up 27
near me...
here is the view from the top:

1957 I'll never forget it this is about the exact spot
that Anita 'got my cherrie'

or was it Dorrie ?

so close and you didn't drop by ?

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

A beautiful name in many states, Ed.

I thought I could see you wave when I looked o'er from atop the Massachusetts sylvan.

all's well, B.

Ed Baker said...

the mountain here named in about 1703
because the mountain looked like a
sweet bread that they called Sugarloaf

wasn't waving at you, Bob
was waving at the cute girl
lost in the verdant expanse

the main trash incinerator in the valley below/beyond our Sugarloaf Mountain

has polluted the entire valley... Comus, and all the other little towns down there... even Fredrick is pollute's-ville

Ed Baker said...

here is what you now see from Sugarloaf

this is a PEPCO power plant that is not too far from the solid waste incinerator that I mentioned before.
this was built after the incinerator..

when the wind is just right the smog/pollution blankets D.C.
hope is our Congressmen take a deep breath
when the black cloud is here and ...

Ed Baker said...

opps I forgot to "paste"

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Thanks for all, Ed.

Late this afternoon on a high road in southern Vermont, looking south as we drove along, Susan looked over a long mown pasture to a break in the hills and could see, lo and behold, Sugarloaf as a surprise guest to our vista. We had 5 seconds to see the mountain, as we drove, and 5 seconds was enough for now. We'll be back.

all's well, Bob