Sunday, July 8, 2012


Once In Vermont film
© bob arnold


Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

A good friend wrote an email this morning about the film and surroundings: tree, daylilies, stonewall etc and I responded with a little historical background:

"Just to add 'clarity' to your kindness speaking to today's Chalkie film : the chalkboard stanchion used to be a bookcase stanchion I built years ago to sell our first bookshop ('open' bookshop, a mail order bookshop has existed much longer) along the road. Carson sometimes ran it for us as a boy. Fun for him. People could take what they wanted from the open shelves and deposit the dollar or two in a wooden box I built on the side of the stanchion. That went some years. I may even bring it back in our old age (when does that arrive?) After awhile, after I found a chalkboard at a garage sale, I took apart the book idea (mice were moving in) and built the chalkboard. The tree I built it around I planted over 35 years ago. Started one foot high, seedling, tamarack. Now 75 feet tall. The daylilies we transplanted over the years and daylilies nicely divide themselves, so keep on coming. Yes, the stonewall I built the same time I was planting the tamarack seedlings. Back then Jehovah Witness members on a Sunday were my only visitors and they'd admire my stonework as I worked, and chat, and I'd take their paperwork and wave goodbye."

[ BA ]

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob,

Your chalkboard has been an inspiration to me. Kathy built a chalkboard for the kitchen - it hangs on Shaker pegs. I fashion "art poems" on it because I am more fluent with images than words.

Cheers, Edie

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Hi Edie,

Your message is music to my (our) ears. Inspiration, one to the other, has long been a Vermont and neighborly tradition. May it continue!

all's well, Bob