Sunday, July 29, 2012


Lujon by Henry Mancini on Grooveshark

Baby I Need Your Loving by The Four Tops on Grooveshark

At the Crossroads by Doug Sahm & The Sir Douglas Quintet on Grooveshark

(I slipped this in the next day, because I can!)

Full Circle by The Byrds on Grooveshark

In A Cabin, In A Wood

It’s a good day —
my work boots are off
socks too

I have rolled up
5 inch cuffs
on my jeans

I’m in a short sleeve
green shirt
no belt

we cut the grass
now heavenly

my love is wild ex-
cept for the sun dress
she’s thrown on

waiting for a rain
that never does

we draw buckets of
water for new plants
from the farm pond

we cut crackles dry
in all this sun

let the satellites that
circle the earth
try to find this

In My Hour Of Darkness by Gram Parsons on Grooveshark

happy birthday susan!
29 july 2012

drawing © bob arnold

California Stars by Billy Bragg on Grooveshark

My Favourite Girl by King Creosote on Grooveshark


Luster said...

Yes. Happy birthday, Susan.

stay close (together)

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Cheers, Mike,

because we know there is a Happy Birthday! as well in your household today.

Great songs, each one a gem, on your radio show this evening out of Arkansas. Here's the link for anyone wishing to lend an ear.

all's well, Bob

Luster said...

Thanks, Bob.


Anonymous said...

belated birthday cheers of joy, Susan, California Star(s)

Just so happens that "In A Cabin, In A Wood" (although one of almost every poem in the volume reached to me) and Guthrie's "California Stars" (out of yet another great American songbook) are all time favorites til death do us part. Love to you and to Bob. ~ Donna

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Thank you, Donna,
and love right back at you with rainfall (finally) and a re-blossomed river which we can hear again late into the night. . .along with a moonlight and blackness come August period.

Meet you in the songbook
all's well, Bob & Susan