Sunday, September 2, 2012


Caroline Herring

All The Pretty Little Horses by Caroline Herring on Grooveshark

Caroline Herring was born in Canton, Mississippi, and has resided and written her songs from Oxford, Mississippi and Austin, Texas. Many of her songs deal with her southern heritage, characters and landscape. She was one of the creators of Thacker Mountain Radio, a literary and musical hour that broadcasts out of Square Books in Oxford, MS, and is syndicated on Mississippi Public Radio. Caroline and her family make their home in Georgia. A new album is forthcoming this year.

Discography ~

Twilight (2001)
Wellspring (2003)
Lantana (2008)
Golden Apples of the Sun (2009)
Silver Apples of the Moon [EP] (2009)


Luster said...


Caroline is lovely on every level. I've known her since her Thacker Mountain days and each record knocks my socks into the barn. Hey, it's September!

stay close,

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Thank you, Mike,

I love nothing more than the horse's mouth!

Just in from a morning dropping two very large and very old and very tall and very stubborn dead white pines. They were old enough to tell me they were fine where they were and didn't wish to come down. So we had a talk. Now they're down and things are safer
all's well, Bob