Tuesday, October 30, 2012


More Than 8 Million U.S. Homes Without Power
About 8.5 million households from Maine to Michigan to North Carolina, representing about 7 percent of the country’s population, lacked power Tuesday afternoon, officials said

Here are the state-by-state figures from The Associated Press:
*New Jersey: 2.5 million.
*New York: 2.3 million.
*Pennsylvania: 1.2 million.
*Connecticut: 615,000.
*Maryland: 290,000.
*Massachusetts: 290,000.
*West Virginia: 271,000.
*Ohio: 250,000.
*New Hampshire: 210,000.
*Virginia: 180,000.
*Rhode Island: 110,000.
*Maine: 86,000.
*Michigan: 79,000.
*Delaware: 45,000.
*Washington, D.C.: 25,000.
*Vermont: 10,000.
*North Carolina: 6,600.

We were lucky this time on the river — just a flicker of power wanting to go out, but miraculously it hasn't. Unlike last year with Hurricane Irene where we lost the river for awhile, most of the road, and days on end of no power or phone. 

A rock maple tree came down with the storm and we have that bucked up for next year's firewood.

Right now we're thinking most of our brothers, sisters, and critters who are lost or hurting in so many of these states. United States.  

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