Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Taking A Book Off The Shelf

The mystery or the irony
or whatever you wish to call it
may be this —

the writer you read
whom you consider great
may be a true son of a bitch

in real life, this life we live in,
he or she may have solid wisdom
in the pages, though is impossible

to live with, or to live, period —
but what must not be forgotten:
this great work that has for whatever

reasons made you feel great
is enduring
and you may be, too


Bob Arnold
from Beautiful Days
(Longhouse 2013) 

photo © susan arnold


Luster said...


Love the photo and wish I was hunkered down right there myself. Of course I love the poem and the book its hunkered in as well. Warmer temperatures and rain coming now that I've improvised a manger for the sheep and their coming lambs. May your year be happy and new.

stay close,

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Snow wind rattling tonight at the old colonial windows, Mike, and I can see it play in the wood fire as well. We're sinking into the season. That wall of books in the kitchen in the Birdhouse photograph are still there, probably many of the same books. The table I built has been moved to another building, and I bet the boots are long gone. So is the beard. I'm still reading the same way. Hurrah!

By the sounds of it I could curl up and sleep in the new manger tonight with all the sheep, lambs expecting. Roll up your sleeves.

And stay warm, all of yous,