Saturday, February 2, 2013


( 1994 )

Tantoo Cardinal

and what's come of Hollywood:

Rip Torn as "Noel Lord"

A terrific film that seems to have gone lost like many wonders now do — or maybe they always have. Made in Vermont by some Vermonters and those that understand the grounding of life and meaning. It's tough to find an available copy of the film to share even as a snippet, so I made my own illegal ware and I expect I'll hear something from somebody some day because everything now is owned and a possession, and how-dare-me, but it's worth it to share something this fine. Particularly the roles played by Rip Torn and Tantoo Cardinal as homesteaders. It's rarely this touching and beautifully physical as it's captured here. A few films from rural Japan and deepest Russia do come to mind. Here's one of ours.


Jonathan Chant said...

Pity it's not available. Thanks for sharing. I'll try and track it down.

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...


I didn't mean to imply the very good film isn't available, it is, I own copies on both DVD and VHS. My meaning was that it isn't available to readily embed for sharing. The least of our worries. Glad you liked.

all's well, Bob