Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Amongst the Rocks

Just who are those women

bent over on the rocky

shoreline searching and

searching and seemingly

searching for more, a pail

at their feet, plastic and

colored, not a work pail,

and these women seem

from another place in

time, not in beach wear,

skirts and hair wild with

the wind

It was only days and

days later, when we

were off the road

back home in the

woods that we spoke

with our son who asked

"where did you go"

and we told him of our

travels from mountains

and streams and rivers

and finally to the sea

and about these women

one morning bent at the

shoreline, amongst the

rocks, that he told us,

years earlier, right there

amongst the rocks, he

had thrown his wedding

ring away


Beautiful Days
Longhouse 2013

photo © bob arnold


Luster said...


Nice to have a double shot of Carson this morning by way of the lovely poem and the Paul Williams tribute: Crawdaddy love.

stay close,

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

You bet, Mike, Crawdaddy love (and Carson love). It makes us.

Send up some Arkansas blossom — it was 15 this morning and now barely above freezing. Someone said it was April.

all's well, Bob