Tuesday, May 28, 2013


We were so poor I had to take the place of the bait in the

mousetrap. All alone in the cellar, I could hear them pacing

upstairs, tossing and turning in their beds. "These are dark

and evil days," the mouse told me as he nibbled my ear. Years

passed. My mother wore a cat-fur collar which she stroked

until its sparks lit up the cellar.


Charles Simic

Houghton Mifflin, 2013


bill sherman said...

Dear Bob,

In my not so humble and obviously minority opinion, Charles Simic is a hypocrite and his poetry is rubbish. For further elaboration, see www.omoopart3.blogspot.com.2007/10/17. For a more measured denigration of Simic, see Leon Lewis's post for July 28, 2008, which I published @ www.omoopart4.blogspot.com.

Sorry, but I believe this strongly.

bill sherman said...

correction: Professor Leon Lewis's post is June 28, 2008, not July 28.

Bill Knott said...

wish i could afford to buy it!

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Okay, fellas, I do hear you!

I do take you both seriously!

And, yet, the world goes round.

We've all been reading Simic, (and one another?), for a long time now. These days, if I was given the choice at a request, I'd ask for more of his essays.

all's well, Bob