Thursday, June 6, 2013


For half a century, never letting up, Ralph Nader has zeroed in on faults & liars in this country. Every country needs such a consciousness. Every individual needs such a voice in their own head. I've never agreed with all of Nader's actions, and sometimes he can be slipshod: certainly Barack Obama isn't the biggest "con man" ever to be in the White House. So Nader sometimes hits a foul ball, while consistently smacking doubles, triples, home runs and many runs in. Hear him out.


Anonymous said...

Ralph Nader and I once spoke informally after a fundraiser with Patti Smith, where I could finally tell him that I'd worked for the CT Citizen Action Group (CCAG) that he'd founded and got to read and know him through that; that I'd voted for him twice; and I sighed. He said that all the work he does, has done, has been and will always be for justice. He spoke the word like it was alive. Thanks for showing him here, Bob. love for justice, Donna

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Luckily, Donna, I've clumped down the wooden stairs into the basement tonight to find you here with Ralph Nader, John Lennon and some cobwebs that love great music and justice.