Sunday, June 9, 2013


My wife and son went and fetched the shotgun yesterday from a portly fellow in his late 40s who works in a small factory in a town twenty miles north of here. At 4 o'clock this guy ends work in one room at his regular job and can be heard making his way from that room next door into another room where he sticks a magnetic sign onto the door that says he is now a "Gunsmith". He sells no guns, just does transfers and repairs. His background check on my wife lasted thirty seconds. Our son thought the place was cool, thought the rifle cooler. Couldn't take his eyes off it. It looks like a shotgun that came off the film Home From the Hill carried by Robert Mitchum's young and eager son. Well oiled, clean & lean looking up both barrels, the "click" on the trigger when the safety is off. That it still has its leather satchel after fifty years tells one everything about its former owner and new owner. The same boys.

to kim


Luster said...


Ah, Home from the Hill, a favorite book and a favorite movie shot in and around Red River County, Texas, the next county over from my father's Lamar County home in Paris, Texas. Love too Humphrey's The Ordways and Farther Off from Heaven. My sister and her husband, an old friend himself, have been here helping me with painting and building projects and, as a treat, we drove up to West Plains, MO last night and a ate in a fine little cafe run by a couple more northeast Texas ex-pats. We talked of Townes Van Zandt, Willis Alan Ramsey, and other backhome beloveds. As usual, you complete the circle.

stay close,

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...


As you might have figured, the shotgun comes from Texas. My two Texas buddies, at least — you and Kim.

Humphrey lived up around this part of the northeast and wrote many excellent books, including tiny ones, like "My Moby Dick". And all the classics you mention. He's barely mentioned today in Computer Land.

We're mowing and scything all day before the next rowing of many days of rain. Susan says in the breeze, and she's right as rain, it feels like a California day. Like up around Sonora. . .

all's well, Bob