Wednesday, July 17, 2013



       Now, doesn't this show the mind and art work of real genius?

We came out yesterday and had this to look at. Sweetheart went indoors and called the Sheriff's Dept., since they have asked us to keep them abreast of such pranks, and we've already had other pranks since our towering summer of 2012 with some neighbors on our back road, so we have a few names in our hat who may have mustered such a masterpiece.

While Sweetheart called, I went back to work and bucked cordwood logs for firewood and this work goes hot, fast and metaphorically when you put names to each log.

At 9:30, the night before, a car stopped out on the road, in the woods darkness, and I waited for who might come into the yard. After a moment the car took off and I had a good look at its horizontal taillights.

In the morning we found this vital message on the chalkboard. He or she or it brought their own chalk. Two different colors.

A week ago we put up a chalkboard announcement celebrating our son Carson and his partner Jocelyn's first baby! O happy days for them and all.

Below is the original announcement for the baby, since defaced (above photograph).

Ruth Krauss Back Road Chalkie

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Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

As I wrote to a good friend tonight in Miami — who has seen his share of good times & bad times, street art and street hustle —

"No comparison on what we're dealing with up here - it's run of the mill vandalism of the spirit, more than property. They did vandalize property: the chalkboard, the message, and it's curious that its the first time anyone has drawn on the chalkboard in a response, other than someone who once left drawn colored chalk hearts on the board, meaning they loved what they had read and looked ahead for more. This has been the usual response, often from strangers, passersby,
joggers, on bicycle, hikers, women or married couples coming all the
way down from the covered bridge and the chalkboard is their landmark
to turn around. . . after reading it. Just what I like to hear. It
means it works."

all's well, Bob