Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New from Longhouse Summer 2013 ~ Jeff Todd Titon

Jeff Todd Titon

"Davey had heard this nonsense about the old trees thirty
years ago when he bought the orchard. It was planted
out for production, mostly in Macintosh and Red and
Golden Delicious, but it came with a small section
that had been planted to ancient varities. The former
owner had a hobby; he tracked down old trees all over
New England, and he took cuttings that he grafted
to rootstock and planted them in what he called his
experimental orchard."

$10 postpaid, US addresses
Please inquire as to international orders

Available from
 PO Box 2454
West Brattleboro, Vermont

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Luster said...


Nice to see this here and to have one in my hand. Proof the great folklorist and ethnomuicologist (and one time office mate of Ken Irby) knows his apples,

stay close,

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

It takes one to know one, Mike.

Now hop 'upstairs' in the BH to Simon, Heathcote and more apples.

all's well, Bob