Friday, August 9, 2013


Cowboy Jack Clement
April 5, 1931 ~ August 8, 2013

One colossal loss to music, planet earth, stars above, and all things that are miserable about living put into many terrific and often joyous songs. This man did it. One more of the ones we have lost from the original American frontier.

“I’ve got a bunch of people who say I’m a genius,” Mr. Clement, known to everyone in Nashville and beyond as Cowboy Jack, once said. “That don’t make me a genius. But you’ve got to be pretty smart to get all them people to say that on cue.” 


Luster said...


I hadn't heard. I love Cowboy Jack and most everything and everyone he touched. I have my old vinyl copy of All I Want to Do in Life and loved the documentary about him, Shakespeare Was a Big George Jones Fan.

Guess Things Happen That Way,

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...


I knew you'd be the first through the door on this. . .to think he lost his music studio to a house fire so late in life and of course rebuilt it! Likewise, his albums in vinyl are here, and they can still be pawed up and out of dollar bins in some record stores. Priceless.

Steady rain all day
all's well, Bob