Thursday, September 5, 2013


(week one)


photographs © Susan Arnold


Anonymous said...

Love hearing and seeing the progress - onward to a sun-filled winter.
Cheers, Edie

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Hi Edie,

I believe that was you I waved to yesterday (my eyes in the sun on the roof). . .short Japanese poem on the Back Road Chalkie first thought as "Chinese" but a whole different sensibility.

Hopefully I won't be hammering too late into the day for you both. Once the roof gets weatherized, an ease sets in.

A lot ahead, including stone work
all's well to you both, Bob

Luster said...

Well, howdy neighbors, good to see all of you here in the Birdhouse. Bob, I love seeing the photographs of the work, fresh lumber, good tools, knowing hands. Love the views of the back of that good red house and that good red truck. I'm in the studio at the moment laying musical stones to make a show.

stay close,

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Hi Mike,

I'm just in to check mail after many hours today out there by that red house and cutting more wood off the tailgate of that old red truck. . .moving along. The roof is now papered over and we can rest a moment with any more rain. Stay dry. Begin organizing for the other building persuasions of this little nutshell structure — fir, hemlock, cedar, pine, stone, tile and glass. Whew!

Now for some music
all's well, Bob