Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Mark Cousins

Mark Cousins 2011 documentary The Story of Film: An Odyssey was broadcast as fifteen one-hour television episodes on "More4," and later, featured at the 2011 "Toronto International Film Festival." In September 2013, it began showing on "Turner Classic Movies" and it's a wonder to behold Cousins and the show's host Robert Osborne (a father figure in our household) as two terrific film-heads together.

More about Mark Cousins ~ "In 2009, Cousins and actress/director Tilda Swinton created a project where they mounted a 33.5-ton portable cinema on a large truck and hauled it manually through the Scottish Highlands. The result was a traveling independent film festival which was featured prominently in a documentary called Cinema is Everywhere. The festival was repeated again in 2011."


Luster said...

Bob, Of course I love this and am reminded somehow of my late friend Don Harington's little novel The Pitcher Shower. Life's good and getting cooler here near Route 67.


stay close,

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...


We're you listening in today as Susan and I house painted on scaffolding? She asked, "Have you heard from Mike?"
I'm guessing when girl wonder was asking, guy wonder was writing us from Arkansas.

Ever thanks for the Don Harington for everyone who may be checking in.

The foliage up here the bestest in years & years. We take off for 'lunch' each day on bicycles to soak, to soak, to soak
all's well, Bob