Saturday, October 5, 2013


"Route 66"
photography by Andreas Feininger
Life Magazine

A good friend just wrote after spending a day in Oklahoma on Route 66 ~
the possibility of having these same clouds from this grand photograph above.
This photograph always takes me back to the opening sequence of the outstanding film noir
 Out of the Past (1947)
directed by Jacques Tourneur
based on Daniel Mainwaring's novel Build My Gallows High
(revisions by James M. Cain) 
w/ Robert Mitchum, Kirk Douglas, and Jane Greer
up there in Bridgeport, California


ACravan said...

If this were Facebook (which it isn't, obviously), I'd press "Like." I spent part of the morning listening to a spirited version of Route 66 while exercising. It's the Pretty Things' rendition that appears on their Live At The BBC set and it's excellent. Revved up altogether different from Nat King Cole's original, but really, really wonderful like this photo. Curtis

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Well, Curtis, you got my engines flaring and for the past three hours I've architect'd some sort of jukebox for ol' route 66. Please see Birdhouse Sunday. I had The Pretty Things version in the box, but the Internet being the Internet, the new and wiliest thing in town, the song was there one moment, and then it was gone. Gone is good when dealing with Route 66. So I went and found a youtube snag for us all to go with the long tall sally jukebox play. Personally, I like the Stones version of all the 60s garage band wonders, including Them etc., but they all rock snort and roll.

all's well, Bob

ACravan said...

That sounds like fun. Actually, the Pretties' Live At The BBC set contains two different performances of the song -- why stop when you're having fun? What a wonderful song; what a history (the road and the song). I've really enjoyed sharing versions of it with my daughter. Sadly, she's the only one among her friends who would have the slightest interest in Route 66. I will check out Birdhouse Sunday as soon as I finish working on a tedious, but useful, commercial lease that's had me up for hours. Curtis

Bill Knott said...
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Bill Knott said...

Geoffrey Homes wrote the novel "Build My Gallows High"— I tried to post a link to the abebooks page for it, but

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Actually "Homes" was Daniel Mainwaring, but correct, Mainwaring wrote the book; with revisions by Cain and one or two other hands.