Friday, November 8, 2013


We had snow this morning. It stuck. I awoke and peeked from the bed through our broad windows and I could see what looked like white blossoms on the trees. I thought, just maybe, I had slept through winter and it was the first of spring and the shad trees were again blooming like they did in our dooryard . . .

. . . melted by noon

photo © susan arnold
6 am


awyn said...

Our geese are still leaving. Two large V's passing by overhead yesterday. You got the white stuff before us! :)

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...


We wait and watch for your geese!

all's well, Bob

Anonymous said...

Swore I was looking at a snow sky day before yesterday, but nothing falling. Now off to look at your Mexican tiles and contemplate your sunroom. twink

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Ah, the good 'old days' hearing from Annie & Donna — geese, snowfalls, twinkle —

I should be putting up a photograph or two shortly of the finished stone sun room, and maybe what I polished off yesterday: the stenciled floor.

Since the new room will be unheated for winter, unless we have some mild days and we can keep the door open between rooms (one with the woodstove, which we are doing now), I'm charging ahead at what I can finish up on the interior work while the weather is on our side.

Little Layla is now 4 months old (today). How'd that happen?!
all's well, Bob