Saturday, December 7, 2013


Officials, including Vice President Joe Bidin, 
officiating at Hurricane Sandy landfall

In workman's terms:

"Hurricane Sandy was a storm like no other in the history of New York. It left more than 100 people dead and caused enormous structural damage that will take years to repair.

FEMA has received claims for nearly 16 million square feet of drywall, 56,000 furnaces and water heaters and enough paint to cover 43 million square feet."

There's more:

"Many residents of the region were also surprised to have claims denied for damage to the foundations of their houses because the damage was deemed to have resulted from “earth movement,” not storm flooding. "


ACravan said...

Thank you for posting this. I would have missed it. The photo of Biden (I wonder whether it adorns any of his office walls as evidence of his self-deemed virtuous nature) reminds me of the endlessly reprinted Chris Christie/Barack Obama New Jersey Shore leather jacket photo op, i.e., phony as hell, utterly useless, and an undistinguished addition to a vast genre series of Faking-Empathy-Politician Still-Lives. (I assume Biden was pondering where he would be having dinner that evening.) I know Sandy did terrible damage in Vermont. Its effects in Tuxedo Park, NY and the surrounding areas of Orange County were pretty devastating also. Unfortunately, like everything the NY Times prints, they go soft and silent about on the subject of blaming the party in power, the party they prefer, for this dire human and inept legal administration situation. The incompleteness of the reportage, like their Katrina coverage but in reverse, would be disheartening if they had any credibility left. Having grown up quite close to Long Beach, these are familiar, sad and depressing sights. Curtis Roberts

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Hello Curtis Roberts,

Ever thanks for your own native son eye to the landscape, and theater. You could also be speaking a bit for Walt Whitman, another native son to the region. He would have something to say, ala "Specimen Days" and just because he isn't around doesn't mean he isn't still writing. Poetry and all writing, if it is anything, is a continuation.

No pretense or pre-destination, I see I meant for all days this past week shown at the Birdhouse as contributions leading up to the crooked line standing in the sand with Joe Bidin. Curiously, all men. The woman, whether conscious of this or not, has been, typically, left off to the side. We need her.

all's well, Bob

ACravan said...

Am glad all's well. I look forward to catching up on your past week. Mine's been . . . oddly sorted continuing through today when I'm in the Philadelphia suburbs and facing the worst driving conditions I've ever experienced. Just weirdly and profoundly icy (we're having a snowstorm) and unlike in Orange County, NY (or Vermont, obviously), Philadelphia drivers haven't a clue about how to drive (or not to drive) in snow. So my daughter Jane and her Mom are going to bake cookies in anticipation of a school snow day tomorrow. Curtis

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...


Few give hard line credit to the remedial wonder of the homemade cookie and this has lasted for centuries. Maybe even got us through. Add the family circling into the shape of the cookie, the expectant snowfall, maybe school closed off, and there isn't a grander and quieter reply to rotten conditions.

As for city drivers and snow, it's all a learning process, and learning takes care.

I hope you made it through the storm okay; it sounds bad.

Stepping outdoors to the night sky. . . it says some of that weather is heading this way.

all's well, Bob