Saturday, January 25, 2014


Bill Fay, born and still living in north London, released two albums by 1971 on the Deram label — Bill Fay (1970) and Time of the Last Persecution (1971). Following the release of his second album, Fay was dropped by Deram, but he kept a cult following. Fay wouldn't record another album, outside of his home recordings and dealings with friends, for over forty years. In 2012 arrived Life Is People, a full album of new material. We thank producer Joshua Henry, who listened as a youngster to his father's early recordings of Fay, up in the foothills of Nevada City, California. A great showing of hand-me-down.


Luster said...


Thanks for yet another new-to-me marvel. Glorious stuff. When we gonna get that big over-sized Whole Woodburners Catalog? Steward Brand eat your heart out.

stay hip,

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Hi Mike,

Yes, master Brand suddenly took a u-turn many years back and left the plough in the field and headed for the Media Lab. Smart move, perhaps, with his vast mind, but like most things American soil, the real work gets left behind broken down, abandoned, feast for the elements. I never thought of a Whole Woodburners Catalog (since 1971!) but leave it to you to put good things into my mind.

Bill Fay was undeniable when my fingers did the walking in a library CD rack and there he was. Can you trust a book or music by its cover? Yes, sometimes. It's immediate. I missed him back in the day when we were discovering Townes Van Zandt (1969) and others. Of course, it's never too late.

4 above here. The cold weather has now become a permanent visitor we have to clothe, feed and coddle through the days. My my won't Spring look and feel lovely
all's well, Bob