Friday, January 31, 2014



 Lisa and Louise Burns were 12 when they filmed their spooky scenes in Stanley Kubrick's horror classic The Shining. The Burns sisters never returned to the big screen, instead the former Overlook Hotel dwellers went on — Lisa earned a degree in literature, and Louise has become a microbiologist.


ACravan said...

This is fascinating. I remember how old I was and how I felt when I first saw, close to the time of its creation, the original Diane Arbus image. And then when I saw The Shining onscreen. And now this. Curtis

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Stages, Curtis — they seem to build up in our heads.

No matter how many times I've watched The Shining, each time we come to the two little girls, Danny on his terrific child-vehicle (with the sound of the rolling wheels varying between hardwood floor and carpet)I'm holding my breath.

all's well, anyway, Bob

ACravan said...

The sound of Danny's wheels is something I think about quite a bit, actually. Reading production details about the film and how Kubrick achieved those perfect details is fascinating. I'm glad to know that the two girls are doing well. They look great together. When it was finally time to share The Shining with our daughter Jane, we had a memorable time. I wish I could see it again in a movie theater. Curtis

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

As you know, time to time, The Shining, along with Aguirre, North By Northwest, The Big Sleep, and other hand-picked gems, do show up in select old movie theaters and are run again on the big screen.

The most recent one we attended was The Wild Bunch. Tall, broad red curtains parting before the screen. Only adding to the touch.

I'd go for a large screen viewing with you for The Shining, and make it a double-feature with the director's cut of Blade Runner . . . some of the steadicam work seems familiar in both films.

all's well, Bob

ACravan said...

As the current usage would have it, sounds like a plan. Curtis