Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Birthday cheer to our friend walking the wild blue yonder
Karen Dalton was a friend of Janine's
So was Tim Hardin
Today, the friends, are together as one

Reason To Believe by Karen Dalton on Grooveshark 

photo: Janine Pommy Vega
© bob arnold


Luster said...


A wonderfully vital picture of Janine and sadly timely reminder of the insidiousness of addiction. Head bowed for Phillip Seymour Hoffman and other lost lambs. Still I look to find a reason to believe.

stay close,

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Thank you, Mike.

I later noticed in the photograph of Janine — that's little Carson hidden behind the post — dating the photograph at about 20 years ago. Likewise revealing Janine's buddy-hood with Carson. They were.

Snowing to beat the band
all's well, Bob

Eero Ruuttila said...


Such a vibrant photo of Janine. We all miss her empathetic conversation from across so many tables, borders, roadways, & mountain passes.

I didn't know she shared a birth date w/Karen Dalton & Tim Harden. Maybe they're probing some dark harmonies around the green piano.

Beautiful snowstorm today gifting all the skiers and boarders. This has been a winter like I remember the former decades. Hopefully a few of the new bugs & soil diseases will return significantly weaker come spring.


Luster said...


Leave it to a papa to see the son when all others would miss him. Eero, it's Burroughs that shares the birthday. Dalton and Hardin share friendship and the sentiment.

stay so,


Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...


you took the words out of my mouth that I was going to share with Eero about Dalton & Hardin — correct, buddies. Not shared birthdays. Janine and Karen Dalton once worked as waitresses at the same spot. Sisters at an important time for them both.

We just came in from shoveling the big driveway and all the pathways to have these good letters awaiting.

Stay warm every one,

Eero Ruuttila said...

Thanks Bob & Mike… I stand, as they say, corrected. Now I see the connection stated as "friends."

I had to dig last night into my apple crates rows of vinyl to find the old Tim Hardins, Verve Folkways recordings #1 & #2. The photo of his wife Susan, pregnant, inside their stucco house window is one of the indelible images I remember from 60's album art.

Wonderful songs on both lps.

Yeah Burroughs got most of the Feb 5th honorariums but FB also tagged Janine a few times.

Your memory, Bob, is like none other… your nods motivate us less literates to go back to the woodpile to pull a few logs for the evening fire, like Old Bill Lee's "The County Clerk"… Arkansas Mike would find it as familiar as a Winter Bone neighbor.

Beautiful winter sun today. Beautiful unblemished snow.

back to the office


Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...


How many people in the world of poetry would even know, or know to know, how to gift a reader in crates and crates of vegetables from your farm fields, stretching toward the river as I recall, as you did for me after I read in one of your greenhouses on a rain mud splat day.Plus I was given a check! Double gracias. Susan and I lived on those vegetables all that winter. I gave other readings since then, but all on the street, nothing indoors. I may never again.

When people finally get to know of Janine Pommy Vega's life, her survival techniques and gifts, never mind full poetry life, they will come to her. It's just a matter of time. The sun points that way.

stay warm, Bob