Friday, February 28, 2014


Hello, Susan here — while Bob is tucked in recovering from the flu, let me tuck in this review from Gerald Hausman on Bob's new book Stone Hut.

It's a warming note for a bone chilling deep snow end of February.


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Once again Longhouse Publishers in Vermont has produced a book exquisite in design, fat enough to be a feast, pretty enough to just wade around in, and deep enough to dive into and stay with for days and weeks and even months on end. Could be it's the first of its kind, a scrapbook novel that is also a how-to and a mystery -- how did he do it, and how does he make rocks balance like Thor?

Author Bob Arnold is a poet, well-known for well-crafted verses of the back country. But Bob Arnold the builder, the stone mason, the rock wall maker is for those of us lucky enough to have gone walking on his grounds or dining in house with his lovely wife, Susan. 

I've known these guys a very long time, but frankly it takes a long time to know people who have the woods in them. They are like trees you love to look at, and you can give them a good hug, but that doesn't mean you know them. It takes years to do that and even then there's more mystery below the bark.

Well, there are years upon years in this shining, stunning photographic book of buildings, walls, stones, woods, flowers, lakes and of course trees. It's a book of family built with love, and like each rock, hand-held and sort of loved into place, it's a book that couldn't have come in a night or a day. It's taken Bob Arnold a lifetime to write it as his life was written around him in loving circles of tribute to his wife and son.

The beauty of this book is that it is truly a scrapbook novel, as solidly true as stone and bark. And it's not about one house, it's about many, and all made by the same man,woman, and son. If you want a life you have to make one. This is the story of a family who did just that.


Luster said...


Good on Gerald, good on you, and of course good on Longhouse and Bob's fine book. Wish I could send a copy to each of my other dear friends. If folks ain't got it, they best be getting it.

stay close,

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Dear Mike,

Thank you! always, for your big hurrah to Bob's book and to Gerry's very good words.

It's ten o'clock this morning and 10 degrees. Bob just said, "Ask Mike to blow this way 30 more Arkansas degrees (at least)."

Take Care,

Anonymous said...

Flu! Perhaps Susan at least has been spared? I'm an escapee myself, knock, knock.

My eyes widened and smiled when I read this piece on "Stone Hut". Shared at word pond, with love,


Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

eeekkk! Susan just got nabbed by the flu late Friday, Donna, but thanks, we're taking care of one another.

And, as ever, thanks for passing the word onto the pastoral word pond. The best!

stay warm, Bob