Saturday, April 5, 2014



A book fell on my head today while building up in the cottage with Sweetheart. All day slugging out new shelving. Sweetheart moving lots of books as well with me over snow. With a sled. Have to be very careful, one tipsy with the sled and many books ruined in the mud and snow-melt puddles. The puddles are now deep. We'll take it if it means the snow is melting. It says it is melting. We say keep up the good work. So back to the book that crowned me. Sure enough, one by Codrescu. One I have been lugging around from building to building waiting for it to sell over 10 years. Never did. I dropped the price down to $3.95 hardcover, brand new. The problem is it crowned me on the head at an inopportune time for me and the book (but not Codrescu, he didn't feel a thing), and on the second floor, with the windows wide open (double window shutter style, lots of wide opening) I took the book in one hand and motion flung it out the window to never never land. Into snow. Near a brook running well, the cover flew off mid-flight. Ah, well. Temper temper. Two hours later we got back to the house and sure enough, there was an order for the book, we sold it. You can bet in the split second before I tossed the book I knew we had another copy, this was a double, so expendable with my wrath. All is well.

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Luster said...


Good story and made more so for me by the fact that Codrescu lives a couple of hours down road, plotting his own building projects, dreaming of houses made of books. Glad the injury was minor, the wrath fleeting, and the book (or at least its desirable twin) came to find a home.

stay wary,

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Yes, Mike,
even the thrown book found a home.

It's a nice little brook, made greater by the snow melt.

Believe it or not, it's the first book I've ever thrown, or destroyed willingly. I knew the author could take it (one of many books and a good mind for books) and I knew I had a double of the same title, so his honor wouldn't be abused.

I also admitted to an act I've done next to never and made it public.

Now I'm up for grabs
all's well, Bob