Monday, June 30, 2014


Rachel Carson


Luster said...


We love our righteous Rachels around here. Fifty years on, and we're still staring down the same issues. I've been reading My Side of the Mountain to the boys and thinking about the first voices that I heard that stuck, still stick.

stick close,

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...


True true true about the Rachels — may they sing, stamp and shout.

There's mankind, seen from space, awful pretty blue. So much potential to swim in. Then there's other mankind: corporate, absurd with greed, power, wanting what they want and what's a new formed butterfly or goldfinch got to do with them (they think).

Out here it's been almost two weeks of hand leveling ground, then breaking ground, gathering, then sinking and now setting stone, notching sill timbers and more leveling up, all around the tall trees and thick roots.

Compromise at every turn.

A bulldozer and crew would have done it all in a few days. But the noise and radio and chatter would have missed hearing the persistent calling of the goldfinches setting up their nesting ground. Where we live.

all's well, Bob