Saturday, July 5, 2014


"another july"
music compiled by bob arnold


Luster said...


Any show that ends wih a triple shot of Buddy Miller is my kind of show. And of course It's Only Make Believe, our national anthem. Up guarding the hen house, our sparklers all sparklws,

stay close,

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...


Up early 4AM to begin framing today on el chapel at 6AM but not too early so not to disturb neighboring ears, just mosey around the work site for awhile, river and bird calls.

Don't you think your "sparklws" would be a word Buddy Miller could get away with, as you can, in one of his songs? It kinda goes perfectly on the subject of "sparklers" — that running image of one lit in our hands as kids — a more innocent time.

Fireworks were dampened with all the rain the last three days — 7 inches by our rain gauge estimation — pooling the yard, in the gardens, sopping the lumber piles (covered by tin).

We caught Buddy Miller in a local show a few years back now also headlined with Steve Earle that most definitely rocked me baby
all's well, Bob