Thursday, July 17, 2014


Johnny Winter
(1944 ~ 2014)


Luster said...


Quite a day in the birdhouse. A beautiful Sandanista, the longest of Long Riders, the King Bee, and the irreplaceable Johnny Winter. I first heard of him in 1969 when friends brought back reports from the Texas International Pop Festival. Rolling Stone famously crowned him when he was little known beyond the Gulf Coast. Heard all those early records and then the great work with Muddy Waters. Got my Grooveshark working'

stay close

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Hi Mike,

I'm right with you and the same time period (1969) when discovering Johnny Winter, except one minor detail, I wasn't in Texas! Home of the brave. Not only the music that was left for us after a lifetime is the fact JW was able to see a lifetime, given his lifestyle. He didn't want to be the next Hendrix, or Cream, he wanted to be Johnny. Stayed Johnny. And he was good enough to get it. Golly Miss Molly died in Zurich!

all's well, Bob