Saturday, August 23, 2014


August Dogs Sing by Susan Arnold on Grooveshark

"august dogs sing"
august 2014
music compiled by bob arnold


Luster said...


Honor and genuflection to a fine fine set of music. That Shuggie Otis cut is worth the price of admission and will set the tone for my day.

Sunshine and daydreams,

Luster said...

Oh damn! And now it's Ron Wood!


Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...


Shuggie Otis, about our age now, and from such a great lineage of music lore, and no one touches him here with this song — part Prince (before Prince), part Hendrix, part Sly, part Lewis Carroll! Susan also loves this song.

Ron Wood. What's to say? A pure rocker's knowing the roots of blues.

Today we took out with us on the construction site the portable turntable (Crosley) and played Lee Morgan, Victor Jara and Sarah Vaughn. None of them any longer with us, always with us
all's well, Bob

Anonymous said...

I apologize for the "August Dogs Sing" over here this weekend - little Jack Russell types that bark at every 2-legged and 4-legged passer-by, and some we can't even detect. It might be safe to open the windows now.

Cheers, Edie

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...


We laughed with delight at your play of the "August Dogs Sing" with the literal Jack Russell types. Hey, everybody has a right to say their piece! My hammer and saws have certainly been singing into your direction the last two long months. We liked it you were having a little more company.

As always, thanks for your gentle manners.

But do play the music loud.

all's well you two, Bob & Susan