Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Jonathan Williams, Photographer

Black Mountain College
Museum & Arts Center
56 Broadway
Asheville, NC 28801


Luster said...


Nice to see this. Jonathan was a major way in for me, meeting him not long after I moved to North Carolina. Later there were periodic gatherings at Lake Eden where he would regale with tales of Black Mountain College and say "It was that room right there where Olson began Maximus." He connected the dots for me between folklore and poetry and was even a fan and reviewer of my old mentor Vance Randolph. Another companion there at Lake Eden was Alice Sebrell, now director at the Black Mountain College Archives and her sister was our friend and guide on visits to Ocracoke Island. On it goes, the good stuff in spite of the bad.

stay close,

donnafleischer said...

Hi, Bob,

Met and spoke briefly with the tall one once. Like a sequoia and that low register voice. Tom was with him. As a consequence I purchased a print of his color photograph of Ginsberg in his farmers overalls when he tried farming in upstate New York. I also saw his color photograph of Niedecker in a snowy yard; and have long loved his great book of Niedecker poems, with a black and white photograph of a horse on it, not his, photo or horse.

Are you wrapping up the major work you've been doing before winter sets in?

love to you and Susan,

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Hello Mike & Donna,

Where to begin with Jonathan Williams? I believe left absolutely in the best hands with both of your memories of the man.

No surprise, he was the first poet to ever answer one of my letters as a young poet of 15. He took the time. Full page, typed, signed with his black marker flair. I was addressed on the outside as "Robert Arnold, Esquire." Such nobility. I was writing to JW about Kenneth Patchen.

We never met. We spoke on the phone once, and it was all about Lorine Niedecker. Of course.

I built the two barn doors the past two days Donna. Soon this job will rightly button up and look warm for winter. If there's time, I plan to stencil the entire building. I'm thinking JW might like seeing that.

all's well, Bob