Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Plugging up the woodshed so the
door won't close
8 November 2014

photos 2014  © bob arnold


Luster said...


Those of us in more southernly climes need to know more about this. Does the woodshed adjoin the house? Why don't you want the door to close? Heading into the 20s tonight here in the Ozarks and we'll be topping out in the 30s for the next few days.

stay warm,


Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...


Yes, the woodshed adjoins the house as I believe the very best New England marvels were designed or at least thought-better-of and reconfigured so no one was stepping out into the snow and the cold to fetch more firewood.In many of the old New England towns, while on a tour any day of the week, one can spot the attached house with more house and even more house (add-ons) and then to the large barn. One fell swoop. The truest Longhouse. One could spend all of a winter day never stepping outdoors and still bake a pie, show a horse, cut more wood, and milk the cows. Not bad. They never should have gotten rid of it.

It's not only I don't want the door to close, it can't. This is the very last passage into the woodshed and up into my tool room and then into the kitchen that we must leave open all summer and fall to retrieve tools and gain better access as we fool around the big old house. The more doors the better! Until it comes to firewood and November and the lack of space and we still have more and more firewood, seasoned, and ready to house. So then we fill in all that passageway and even the door, bury the door, so the door can't be found so the door can close.

By the sounds of Ozark weather you are staying aligned with us. Those temps will feel balmy for us by into December.

oak burning, Bob