Wednesday, December 10, 2014



Luster said...


I woke a little earlier than usual this morning, long before daylight, and I used the moments to myself to read the final poems in Jim Koller's Poems for the Blue Sky, Songs of the Teton Sioux, Crow Song, Wind/Fragments for a Beginning. I hadn't heard any news of him, and after I got my morning chores done, I came in here to read the Birdhouse. Blue Sky, that phrase had been echoing with me for days. Teddy Roosevelt and Ernest Thompson Seton used it as a guide phrase. The songs come to me through the Allman Brothers and Willie Nelson, and then this book had arrived in the mail two days ago. I believe Jim could have had no better friends than you and Susan. I believe he knew that too.

stay close,

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Hi Mike,

You hit us at home with this one, ever thanks.

Power has been off for the last three days with spurts of revival and then off again. Snow throughout the state.

The power came on long enough for us to eek out the message that Jim was gone. . .then all the lights went out.

Mother mother mother nature
all's well, Bob