Tuesday, December 9, 2014


 Simon Pettet

POEM ("can't get enough of that")

can't get enough of that
kora music
inscribing letters on a
full moon

each of the notes then
each of the letters
crystal clear
incised on the moon's cheek

absolute in a way
as she tumbles
(they tumble out)
onto the page

or into the sky
(that blanket of emptiness)
followed by cascades
(and shimmers)
of gold and black dust

and pinpoints of light

that's you

POEM ("You still here Franco. . .")

You still here Franco


in your daughter's face

calling Franco in spirit world

can I come in? yes,


you would have flipped over e mail!

POEM ("coyote howls on the crossroads")

coyote howls on the crossroads

crop dusters spew noxious vapors

as we speed by industrial chemical plants

and factories and prisons

and set out on to the open plains

are not wolves

(look in their eyes)

brother animals?

and should we not protect them?

as we supposedly (but hardly!) protect ourselves.


S I M O N   P E T T E T

As A Bee

Talisman House, Publishers
P.O. Box 102
Northfield, MA 01360

photograph by John Sarsgard


Luster said...


Simon Pettet is new to me, but his photograph immediately drew me in and then the poems which felt like letters from home, except from my home. Good news.

stay close,

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Letters from someone else that are your own letters from your own home, ah, Mike, what a heavenly circle.

Power is about to be lost. Sorry.
Over & out
all's well, Bob