Friday, January 30, 2015



Luster said...

Dear Bob,

I usually peek into the Birdhouse first thing in the morning, but it was a day of getting ready and getting on the road bright and early, and so I'm just now seeing the beloved Geoff Muldaur. Kweskin, yes! Geoff and Maria, absolutely. Paul Butterfield's Better Days. All the great solo records. Welcome home!

stay close,

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Welcome Home, indeed, Mike —
and since you are being chased away by some neighbors (and it won't work, and we know the feeling) it must have felt pretty darn tootin' swell to have a little Muldaur and Kweskin and the overall acoustic good home juice in you at the end of such days. Better days!

Hang onto your hat, there's more tomorrow!

I just had to break the Muldaur ring of fire because Thomas Merton, another in our stratosphere, is 100 today. Born the same day and year as Susan's father who we will also lift a log of firewood to.

I still well remember the time of day and creepy dark and overwhelming used vinyl record store ("I hate CDs" the proprietor griped)albums wedged up from floor to high ceiling, how in the world would I ever get to the top of the stack to possibly see what was awaiting for me there? But I did come away with Muldaur's earliest Prestige album. Coveted on the spot but in no way revealing my excitement since the creep of the palace priced nothing, instead waiting to see what you were made of. I wanted him to see I was made of thin holes and pocket change and I was successful at getting away with my treasured purchase at a fair reckoning. The album sleeve not even split.

all's well, Bob