Saturday, January 17, 2015


and the film ~

Directed and photographed by Andrew Douglas


Luster said...


Glad to see and hear this here. My friend Flipper Blaney, body builder, professional wrestler, roller rink dj, musician, and now writer under the name J.M, Blaine, introduced me to the world of his pal Jim White back when I lived in Louisiana. Nice to be reminded to pull him back out and marvel.

stay close,

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Don't know any of them guys, Mike, but I know you, and that's just what I was doing after being reminded of first, the film, and then heading back to the music. Heading back to the marvel. Some of my favorite moments in a film that I find entirely-a-favorite, are when Harry Crews shows up. In Sean Penn's film, Indian Runner, he also makes an appearance.

May we all run together
all's well, Bob