Thursday, January 22, 2015


S N O W Y    O W L

Photograph: Christopher Millette/AP

Rare — we caught two snowy owls
in flight above a family neighborhood
flying spruce tree to spruce tree
of western massachusetts in late 2014


Luster said...


Lucky you! I've never seen one and in fact have seen few owls at all. A boyhood sighting of a great horned owl in a Texas bottom land, an occasional silhouette in a tree, and last year the boys and I found a dead barred owl that had flown into the wall of a dilapidated barn. Yet, owls are a heavy totem in our house. Owen's initials are O.W.L. Arthur's are A.W.L. We like to say one is wise and the other sharp.

stay close,

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...


. . .and Susan just saw another Snowy! a week ago flying over the snowy farm fields of Colrain, MA.
She was heading to the post office and the owl was daytime hunting for its own mail.

I love the family initials.

all's well, Bob