Saturday, March 28, 2015


The Works

    Hard Rain Falling (1966, novel)

    Blade of Light (1967, novel)

    The Murder of the Frogs and Other Stories (1969, short stories)

    Getting Off (1971, novel)

    Payday (1972, screenplay)

    The True Life Story of Jody McKeegan
(1975, novel)

    Charles Bukowski's Post Office (1977, screenplay)

    A Couple of Comedians (1979, novel)

    Snyder, Whalen and Welch, Together (1981, magazine article)

    Turnaround (1981, novel)

    The Class of '49 (1985, novel and three stories)

    The Dispossessed (1986, novel)

    From A Distant Place (1988, novel)

    Fridays at Enrico's
(1993–1994, published 2014)

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jadecar said...

Thank-you Bob,

Why is it our heads sometimes wind up in the same place? Don Carpenter. Yes.
I forget how it was I first got onto him, but it was only last year sometime. So where had I been not knowing about him all these years. Inexcusable. Devoured Hard Rain Falling and then Fridays at Enrico's in rapid succession. Now in the middle of Blade of Light ( Found old mass market paperback in dusty stacks of one of few remaining used bookstores Central Mass, ) and don't want to pick it up again because don't want it to end. Same store has a couple of his other titles (HCs) that I intend to snag next time down that way.
Isn't the Longshoreman's essay great? Thanks for postin' it along with the other links. Welch, Whalen and Synder with poor Don being given a hard time by wiseass Spicer and crew. Priceless.
Thanks again, Bob

All best,