Monday, March 2, 2015


Morris Graves, 1949
with his dog Edith Sitwell ("Sit well")
photograph: Mary Randlett

A handwritten letter to his brother Wallace Graves,
from Eureka, California, June 8, 1965:

"Walden Pond received. I'd read a few pages when I remembered that Margaret Callahan had sent me a copy when I first lived at The Rock. I was only able to read a few pages of it and laid it aside. There is something about wisdom that has never engaged me. Folly is funnier — and vice more fun. An awful confession to finally have to make.

I will read on in Walden though this time — but so far page after page of bon mots (though in marvelous English) gets me to saying, "Oh, blow it out your ass!" and I lay the book down and reach for another box of Cracker Jacks (they each have a prize in them, you know)."


Anonymous said...

I have looked many times at a small grouping of his original paintings and many many times at reproductions of animals, minnows, birds angry at the light, little flower faces, odd chairs, so that when I look inside I see the minnow more than half way across the chalice, light fading on a petal, a soft whistle, industrial noise sumi-e. Today I add the crackerjack box to the beloved nonmaterial collection. Many thanks, with love, Bob, Donna

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Hello Donna,

Enthused! Wait until you reach into the homes he built with his own hands — here and in Ireland. Enthused! The paintings, the journals, the homes, the life.

stay warm, Bob