Sunday, March 22, 2015


that the only permanence

                     is loss

its pain — despite what I said —

to be always within me.

                         Beyond the season

             the season's loss.

             S  A  M  U  E  L    C  H  A  R  T  E  R  S

                  (1929 ~ 2015)

                  Bluesmaker, folkmaster, producer, music historian
           author, translator, educator, poet


Luster said...


Charters was a kickoff voice for me, the sort of Alan Watts of American vernacular music. Finding his books, always used and well used at that, were bread crumbs on the path.

Stay close,


Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Hey, same bread crumbs I was eatin'!
Love dem bread crumbs (still eatin' dem).

I was fortunate enough to meet SC in 1975. Lucky me, he was just like his books.

all's well, Bob