Sunday, March 1, 2015


Wendell Berry  & John Haines
Portland Oregon 1982
photography by William Stafford

"What excites us is some sort of technological revolution: the

fossil fuel revolution, the automotive revolution, the assembly

line revolution, the antibiotic revolution, the sexual revolu-

tion, the computer revolution, the "green revolution," the

genomic revolution, and so on. But these revolutions — all

with something to sell that people or their government

"must" buy — are mere episodes of the one truly revolution-

ary revolution perhaps in the history of the human race: the

Industrial Revolution, which has proceeded from the begin-

ning with only two purposes: to replace human workers with

machines, and to market its products, regardless of their use-

fulness or their effects, at the highest possible profit — and so

to concentrate wealth into ever fewer hands."

Wendell Berry
page 10
Our Only World
ten essays




Jonathan Chant said...

Spot on.

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Right with you, Jonathan,
all's well, Bob

Luster said...

Dear Bob,

I love the quote as I loved the book, but am also delighted with the photo which I've never seen before now.

stay close,

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Hi Mike,

Yes, William Stafford had the poet's eye on the poet's eye.

Snowing again (amen)
all's well, Bob