Monday, May 25, 2015


Alvaro Cardona-Hine & Barbara McCauley 

photograph by Jeane George Weigel


the cows walk ahead of me

down a road milky

with low-lying fog

from time to time

I hear voices

above the steady pounding

of the river

then I realize

it's the song

I had thought of singing

a butterfly with two

suitcases of color

on its shoulders

bumps into me

A Witness

I come from the arms of my mother

glad to live alone

with you and you and you

everywhere I look

an odor of light

bears down hard

upon the earth

the wind from the ocean

suddenly finds itself

among the barley

Three Rivers Tie A Knot In My

now the sun is on the hill

caressing the backs of the eucalypti

from my room I can hear

the cicadas above their patron saints

woodpeckers up the mountain

I laugh a little under my breath

I have fooled the priest

who expected me at confession

my growth depends exclusively

on the broth

simmering in the kitchen

New Explanation

staring at a bird in the darkness

becomes evening     evening

stresses its song     a song

how light

after being stolen

is spent on useless roads

how the wind leans on blunt instruments

large fields are often small


for Barbara

what I wanted to tell you is on the tip of my tongue

the wind will find it in your ear

it is a day of rain and sun

some patches of snow hold out under the silent pines

flower after flower blooms directly across our path

Alvaro Cardona-Hine
Lhude Sing Cuccu
Alba Books Press 2015

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