Sunday, May 3, 2015


Guy Carawan

 July 27, 1927, Los Angeles ~ May 1, 2015


Luster said...


I had heard the news of Guy's passing but of course the best place to remember him is here with you. I met Guy and Candie Carawan some 25 years ago when I was working on the coast of North Carolina and they wanted to see some of the folks I was working with. I took them around to meet several including a group of singing menhaden fishermen. The Carawans loved it all and were generous with their enthusiasm. As a parting gift, Guy handed me his new cassette tape and I came across it again a couple of weeks ago hearing him again asking, Ain't we got a right to the tree of life?


Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

And of course, Mike, it was you who brought me the news of Guy Carawan's passing. I had just come in midday from a morning of building. I sat right down and went through my own records and memories headlong way back to the civil rights movement when I first heard of GC, We Shall Overcome, and just what music can do in one's life. His life. Your life. Our lives.

Tree of life, Bob