Wednesday, September 30, 2015




Luster said...

Dear Bob,

My grand dad down in Paris, Texas was a Jimmie Rodgers man, loved him, bought all his 78s. He had missed by one year being born in the Ozarks as family moved to Texas to farm the rich black land there. Today, way out in these mountains, Rachel and I celebrate ten years since the day we went to the courthouse, said I do, and literally bought the farm.

Yodel-a-e-a, yodel-a-e-a-e-o,

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Dear Mike,

I love that string of thought, geography and realism from Paris Texas to the Ozarks. No hitch in the line. And that today we have up the railroad man JR himself for your anniversary. Love to you both! None of this is to be taken lightly, so laugh it up.

Just to let you know, since J.D. says he reads these comments, and likes reading what you have to say (he gets me in the daily letters) that he was just here with Lisa for an overnight and sky blue day, just before the heavy rains. 8 inches since yesterday. The river is coming up to the road.

all's well, Bob