Wednesday, September 23, 2015




By truck we were

Heading home the same

Time we saw fox heading

Home by the side of the road

Muddy legs like quick

Moving boots he made

His way and I swear

We looked at him

And he looked at us

And the Earth was whole


© Bob Arnold
The Woodcutter Talks


Anonymous said...

Hi, Bob,

This one made me stop in my tracks, breathe out as deeply as in.


Luster said...

So, can I slyly infer that The Woodcutter Talks might be available?

Stay close,


Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Hi Donna and Mike,

Donna, as you know, I breathe with you.

Mike, the book (tracking tells us) is this minute being loaded into the UPS truck in Brattleboro after sitting too long in some way station in Massachusetts. That's the system, let it work. We will have cartons here this evening and a grand opening of two and a cat watching.

It turns out J.D. and Lisa will be with us Sunday; Carson and Layla possibly on Saturday, so a little book celebration can occur. Announcement forthcoming.

"Sly" slips in near the end of the book.

John Bradley's new book is now at the printer. To be followed by Malcomlm Ritchie's big memoir. The elves say with a smile, they have been working their fingers to the bone.

all's well to you both!