Sunday, October 11, 2015



Luster said...

Dear Bob,

Happy belated 80th birthday to Jerry Lee Lewis, not to be confused with Jerry Lewis as Wikipedia warns us. One of the the miracles of life that the one voted most likely to decease is damn near the last man standing of the rockabilly pioneers. My pal Sonny Burgess, bless him, is still rockin' too. I've seen Jerry Lee perform only one on Rockaway Beach about 1981, not long after the death of John Lennon. I tried to see him a second time in Kansas City, driving six hours only to have the gig cancelled due to some demon. I've walked many miles in his footsteps especially during my days in Louisiana where I knew his cousin Gerald Lewis, a swaggering piano pumping Pentecostal pastor and where I used to take guests to the drive-through liquor store run by Jerry Lee's sister Frankie. She ran the family home as museum next door. Hope she still does.

keep rockin',

vazambam (Vassilis Zambaras) said...

Jerry--he still da man.

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Hey two friends,

Even at 80 JLL out slashes Slash and out-kids the Kid Rock. On video he gives both a fine growling appreciative grin. Or is it a sneer?

Mike, I'm telling ya, we have to get your stories down into a book.

I don't think it's a coincidence or a correction that there are a Jerry Lewis and Jerry Lee Lewis alive at the same time in world history. Both have out lived their pasts.

all's well, Bob